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Interacting and reaching out to zillions using interactive and age proof media is what social media is all about. Social media strategies 221x300 Media StrategiesWith vast information catering to the needs of all on the net, no one who has used social media strategies with proper implementation would have been denied reaping its benefits. Social media strategies have helped businessmen as well as others who have made their presence on the World Wide Web. But it is not just businessmen who have benefited–President obama successfully used Social Media techniques in campaigning for the most important post in the world- the president of US.
There have been multiple examples where hotels, real estates, big brands and emerging enterprises have earned zillions by using social media strategies.
Companies are now directly approaching the customers for their precious comments and suggestions through their websites and blogs. Starbucks,  the coffee king has launched a website where the users can submit their preferences and reviews .This has helped Starbucks  to make their favorite coffee brand get even better and bigger.
The technologically savvy Dell has earned millions by cross platform network creating blogs and twitter handles. They prove that social media strategy can help even the big brands get bigger.
One of the best examples of social media strategies at work was seen during the 2008 American president campaign. President Obama is credited with being the very first social media president as his campaign team used social network platforms like You Tube and Facebook to reach all the voters giving them crystal clear view of the party’s objective. Besides this, the online campaign helped generate millions through the online donations funding for  this campaign.
The ‘Will it Blend’ feature on You Tube is a truly interactive strategic tool with video posts from almost everyone. The videos aiming to make all complex things clear cannot be overlooked by a person of any genre. The video with all features of the iconic I- phone or the ones where complex topics are easily explained are a sure enough method to create a loyal following.
Social media strategies are not limited to businesses and campaigns. They are a very unique platform to help government agencies link with their people. With all about social security numbers and crime records available on government websites which are free to access, social media is sure to create a mark in all the related fields in the near future.
Incorporating social media strategies in businesses is not a very cumbersome  job because of the availability of the efficient  internet tools which provide an easy and effective  platform to work with. Blogs can be created in hours and it does not take much to sign in on social sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These sites which have the largest database of potential costumers are one of the best available strategies for social media.
But like any technology, it is essential to optimize the use of social media  withInternet marketing techniques and other information  technology media,in order to fully benefit from  this great opportunity.

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