Social Media’s role in Obama’s Presidential victory

The internet, besides being a useful and indeed an essential tool for modern living, is also an excellent platform to share information and views.NN_27obama2 With the advent of so many social network sites, it is very easy for anyone to interact with their peers in any part of the world. Social media evolves from this very fact. With new tools to interact, express comments and views, people all over the world find it easy to understand and conceptualize. Barrack Obama, America’s present president used this advantage to the full extent by actively involving social media to interact with his country men during his presidential campaign. Social media played the underlying role in getting his views and ideology to millions and that too more effectively than any other media.

Obama’s presidential run combined all the best attributes of social media to get his ideology to people and be elected as the first African American head of their nation. Though other contestants for the world’s most reputed post were also busy organizing camps and using social media interface , the spark that was needed to ignite the nation was very much missing in their presidential run. Combining Websites, blogs, videos on You Tube and profiles on social networking sites, president Obama connected with the people on a larger than life interface-the internet and social media.

Obama’s successful run is also said to be the perfect unison of digital technology and basic campaigning. Though the campaign involved very effective campaigning technologies involving getting down to the doors of the people,  without the timely online donations made( which amounted to many  millions) the campaign would have run out of money and hence the steam required.

The campaign team and the campaign manager had clearly understood the fact that online videos were immensely viewed by people of  all ages and across the whole country. The ‘Yes We Can‘ video posted at YouTube combined all the vital factors of engaging and sharing with people, not only telling them about the objectives of their new president but also in- depth detail on voting lines. In this innovative manner the perfect way to involve people was successfully utilized.

The president’s blog was persistently updated and thus engaged the voters calling for regular visit to the blogs.

The campaign’s photos looked alive and fresh on Flicker as they were not clicked by professional but volunteers who kept an eye on all the activities of campaigning through their pictures. The conversations added to this picture provided it the engrossing feeling,inspiring people to view the campaign from their own perspective.

The campaign team also used social media strategies to their maximum advantage in the wake of the numerous networking platforms. Face book, Twitter, My Space were used as platforms to start discussions and involve people in the campaign by involving their ideas and  views, thus enabling the  interaction with many people at once which is the basic idea of social media.

All types of networks were involved in what is cited as the win for social media. Whether they were age based, faith based or event based, all were harnessed to the maximum advantage.

Though a comprehensive 30 mins add did run on TV,the role that social media played in the successful Obama campaign is incomparable. His win truly depicts the power and potential of social media. Though Barrack Obama ran the most effective campaign in his nation’s history,  without the advantage of social media he may not have reached to the hearts and minds of his people on such a mammoth scale.

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