Rampage Women’s Fortune Boot,Black,10 M

31LCxjr6GZL. SL160  Rampage Womens Fortune Boot,Black,10 M

  • Pull-on style.
  • Man-made sole.
  • Cushioned insole.
  • Fabric lined.
  • Mid Heel

Product DescriptionRampage Fortune * man-made below the knee boots. Pull-on style. Needle stitch detail. Square-toe design. Stacked heel. Cushioned insole. Padded. Man-made sole. . . . More>>

Rampage Women’s Fortune Boot,Black,10 M

translate1 Rampage Womens Fortune Boot,Black,10 M
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4 Responses to “Rampage Women’s Fortune Boot,Black,10 M”

  • Loved the boots, great fit and very comfortable. In them can walk, can dance to.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Vision says:

    The product was good, if not able to afford another one. It could be the skin was "cheap. When you click on it and stood up, there were points on the soles. I felt like I was standing on a rock. I thought I would add more 25th Buy $ 00 and boots from one of the shops I know.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  • Tahira Deva says:

    Frankly, there are only two things I'm happy about this product that is made entirely of plastic and stacked heel, these shoes go incredibly easy to use, was also made, I not a vegetarian – Interested in buying leather or other animal products — no shoes with high heels. Aha! I was disappointed not say that the rest of the shoe I like. I am a size five, so I ordered a size six. These fit my feet well – despite the size of my feet – but not easy as they made it look like my feet. They made my feet look very long, I think it was because the number of shoe and foot-off place. I also do not like the quality of these shoes expandable. I personally prefer the boots that can stand alone. I think that should be mentioned in the ad. (You can, can not – I do not know why I do not recall seeing) in the product description. Another thing I like about this boat was the length of the tree. I do not recommend the boot if you are knee deep in the search for a real one. The tree is only about 14 "in-step. I am a woman in short – just under 5 'and even that was not up to the knees enough. To put it simply, I would not recommend these shoes – especially if you're knee deep in search of a stable.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  • These boots are tall, thin stretch their legs. I own the color: black, Size: 6 5 I prefer the boots that are flexible elastic uppers. In fact, the uppers are flexible and thin enough that you can fold them or roll them to the top (not in possession of their form if) they are not worn. This is great for storage and for packing them for the trip! It also means that the boots are not too heavy / bulky – they are really easy. The material inside the boot is comfortable and I think that helps keep the boots. And comfortable against bare legs, which I do not need to wear boots, socks. I was a little disappointed that the shoes do not go up to the knees. They still look great though. You can find out how high they will climb up the legs, which measure the height of the tree on the inside of the leg, based on your arch / instep. The height of the boot is measured about 14 cm (from the tip of his boot in the middle of the arch in the shoe to the top of the tree). The base of the trunk circumference measured (at the top of the tree) is about 12 centimeters. The material is very elastic, even though I would say that it can comfortably stretch of at least 14-15 cm circumference. The height of the heel, as described, is about 2nd 5 inches.
    Rating: 5 / 5


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