Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

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Product DescriptionProfit from Facebook! High-Impact, Low-Cost Social Marketing That Works!   With more than 80,000,000 affluent, savvy members, Facebook is today’s fastest-growing marketing opportunity! But traditional marketing methods won’t work here. In Facebook Marketing, best-selling author Steven Holzner reveals new social marketing techniques that do work, and shows you exactly how to make the most of them. Using true case studies, Holzner introduces powerful ne. . . More >>

Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business

translate1 Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business
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5 Responses to “Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business”

  • Great book–covers all the ins and outs of selling on Facebook–a world that’s ever-changing. Nice job.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Steven Holzner’s book is a great guide for any beginner to Facebook. He allows his readers to become familiar with many features on Facebook, providing an opportunity for marketing along the way. As a Facebook user, you will learn everything you need to know on how to make and utilize:

    * Profiles
    * Facebook Groups
    * Facebook Pages
    * Facebook Events

    In addition you will learn about how to:

    * Advertise on Facebook
    * Monitor our advertising
    * Use the Marketplace
    * Use Polls and Networks to your advantage
    * Use, add, and make applications for your profile and pages

    These are the most used features Facebook offers and this book will be your guide on learning all you need to become a Facebook expert. Steven Holzner’s step by step guide includes Facebook menu images which allow readers to easily follow along on their own Facebook account to perform the tasks each chapter discusses. In addition to Steven’s step by step guide to all the important Facebook features, he also explains how to use these features as marketing strategies for your brand or product. He clearly explains the Do’s and Don’ts of marketing through Facebook and gives helpful hints to businesses both large and small.

    I think that this is a great book for any beginner to Facebook. You are able to start from scratch on Facebook and work along with the book using Steven’s step by step guide. He will walk you through everything you need to know in a clear and concise manner. Anyone who is just joining in on the Facebook bandwagon will see this is a helpful book to get started. As for the marketing aspects of the book, they were a little sparse; it was good information, but the marketing tools were few and far between. What I did like about the marketing tools discussed was that the author clearly states what will help you and what will hurt you while marketing on Facebook. I think these things are helpful to marketers because marking on Facebook is much different than traditional marketing techniques and Steven wants his readers to realize that. In addition, he gave some insightful thoughts about how to gain consumer awareness using the different Facebook features, but by the end of the book it got a little repetitive. The other aspect of the book was helpful in regards to marketing were the Facebook advise boxes placed throughout the book. These boxes provide suggestions on marketing strategies by professionals who use Facebook to market their own product or brand. Some I felt were very repetitive, however they did back up the author’s ideas on marketing techniques. I really liked these suggestions because they confirmed that the techniques Steven teaches are actually used by established companies, and therefore are an accurate model for success.

    As stated previously, this book is great for beginners to Facebook, and quite possibly beginners to marketing online; as it does give some good insights to market through Facebook. On the other hand, for users who are comfortable with Facebook and use it quite frequently will probably not gain a lot of knowledge through this book. This is simply because it gives way too much information on how to use Facebook, and not enough on marketing strategies. Only a small section (1-2 pages) of each chapter is dedicated to using features of Facebook to market your product or brand. The title of this book Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business” is a little misleading. Before reading this book, I was expecting to get a lot of insight about marketing on Facebook. However, what I got was a little about marketing and a lot about the general uses of Facebook. I did find some of the marketing strategies useful in how to gain consumer awareness, why to use content marketing, how to perform marketing research and why not to spam Facebook users. Although this was good information to share with readers, it only took up a fraction of the book. I feel like much more could have been said about social media marketing, thus if really understanding Facebook marketing is what you want, this book is probably not for you.

    Facebook can be a great way to interact with your target audience and this book takes you through many possible ways of gaining consumer awareness, growing virally and even conducting some marketing research. These are very beneficial tactics for any business, and should be discussed in any Facebook marketing book. In my opinion however, there just wasn’t enough marketing “stuff” discussed in the book. Over half of the book was just a guide on how to get started and use Facebook features, with some hints here and there on how to market your brand or product. For intermediate Facebook users, this book might not be very helpful, but is a must read for any beginner to Facebook. It is informing, easy to read and will walk you through all the steps you need in order to be an expert Facebook user.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  • L. Franklin says:

    This is an excellent book for a beginner on Facebook. I am creating a page for a small business and this book helped me where others (including the instructions on Facebook. com) could not. In the next edition, I hope the author elaborates on Favorite Pages, Notes, and Blogs. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. It has just the right amount of “techno-speak” and English to be a great resource.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Steve Holzner’s book answered my business questions in clear fully informative concise writing. I’d recommend his book to anyone wanting to know what Facebook is about and how it can really help grow a business.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Tracy Phaup says:

    This is a great book if you’re brand new to Facebook and have no idea where to start, but if you have spent any time there or if you are looking for a book that shows you how to really leverage the power of Facebook then this isn’t the book for you.

    Rating: 2 / 5


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