Blunders in International Business

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Product DescriptionThis new edition of mistakes in international business is very updated and revised, full of interesting anecdotes, including dozens of new errors Affairs. David Ricks has many errors that were discovered for information and entertainment that make this book hard to put down. Features errors by well known brands American Express, McDonald's, Toyota, GM, Sharwood, Jolly Green Giant, Bacardi, Puff, AOL, BMW and many others. Conserv. . . More>>

Blunders in International Business

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5 Responses to “Blunders in International Business”

  • C. Hayes says:

    I was asked to read this book for my international management class. I thought it would be another boring book, but it was anything but boring. It's really very interesting. I have read, seen, or failure International Internet or e-mail, but this book has a series of mistakes that keep you reading and so on. Check it out!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • M. Meyer says:

    "Once upon a time there was a company that …." And" once a product offering that the name does not sound good in a different language. "Unfortunately, we do not know the details. These examples are not so often, but so far in this book and may harbor doubts Whether true are. Some of them can only be formed. Therefore, the value of the book may not be so great.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  • Anonymous says:

    If this is the book I believe it's been published mainly in the 80s, is the only business book I've ever done, I'm broken laugh. Over and over again. Do not be disappointed – he _is_ a serious book business, and deal with issues in a systematic way. But it is well written, used, and the examples of the author to his points make you laugh.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • jeyen says:

    In just the first half of the book, I found 5, Urban Legends as a fact (to be shown, for example, the old thing about "bite the wax tadpole" who think a about Africans, that means the pictures for children baby food, the food was made of the babies). Granted, the last update in 1999, but the facts should be verifiable and then verified. Take the stories with a grain of salt.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • All students of economics should read this book. It is absolutely amazing to see what the people had already gone through to get an international business. Their CEO has the audacity to believe that he did not make the same mistakes that others made? Is your marketing team to prepare for each market? This book teaches you to care for each market and takes nothing for granted create. Do your research, or when the punchline of a joke or two lectures in international marketing from somewhere will be in the future. Dave Ricks makes all other errors, so you wonder whether she might have really happened. It is indeed sad that this error has occurred, the message is that people make big mistakes, without preparation in international trade. These large companies might happen mistake, that someone (who does not know how to avoid them.) If you are looking for anectdotes for a business class or international business curriculum, save the problems of research and to find out what Mr. Ricks has already thoroughly explored. While there is no way of knowing what to avoid in all markets. . . today's students of the company should buy this book and read it often so that you can recognize when they need help to avoid pitfals today in the globalizing world economy. As a manager, see biingual international import / export, many of these errors, I showed up every day. Some companies are better prepared to handle before they are broadcast around the world. Many Mexican companies know, I've seen, I am not the translation takes a bit of fun in English. But when I told them that I believe?. . . I hope that this book I realized I needed to help me sometimes. Dave Ricks is a respected member of the Faculty of Thunderbird, one of the most innovative programs in the world, International Business Master.
    Rating: 5 / 5


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