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Social Media Tactics

I cannot say that I was surprised to find out that companies right now are not only advertising online through spaces on websites but are also trying what can be called the World Wide Web’s version of guerilla marketing. There are even companies that are tasked to handle such marketing tactics in social media sites.

Like me, I think most people right now turn to the web for their daily dose of information. Frankly I get my news over the internet and though I would so love to watch news programs on television for their videos and graphics, I find that my late hours just don’t coincide with the daily newscast schedule. I think most people have the same dilemma as mine. Younger generation on the other hand are so used to the internet that I think, they will have withdrawal symptoms if the iNternet is suddenly taken from them. The sheer number of Facebook users and Twitter followers is a testament to how social media has become a big hit among the generation now. And these consumers are the target of companies and their social media marketing tactics.

And because the internet is basically free for all, they can just post a comment in forums or make a blog about their products and services, singing their praises and voila, they already have a potentially successful marketing campaign. Although some experts frown upon the morality of it, (you are after all lying to the readers of the forum but posting a blog that is probably meant to sell the product) many are still doing it perhaps because they can get away with it.


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